Pre-construction Video Services

Nobody Likes Lawyers

Whether you are a general contractor, a municipality, or a property owner, you don’t want the hassle of arbitration over property damage. But despite everyone’s best intentions, disputes over who is responsible for property damage will happen if you don’t have solid evidence to set the banter to rest. That’s why pre-construction video documentation is so important. A pre-construction video shows the site’s conditions before the construction crew arrived, and a post-construction video shows the conditions when the site was left. Pre-construction videos and post-construction videos can be used for arbitration and restoration.

Transportation Routes
Pre-construction video documentation can help you eliminate litigation over alleged damage to transportation routes. Construction Video Services has recorded the conditions of hundreds of miles of roadways.

Construction projects, especially wind farm construction, often require driving heavy equipment along rural transportation routes– dirt roads, maybe. Most construction contractors leave these routes better than they found them, but country roads have a way of deteriorating, and heavy construction contractors have a way of getting blamed for it. How will you protect yourself?

Our team will come on site for pre-construction video-recording right before your project begins. With our state-of-the-art equipment we will create a highly professional, user-friendly pre-construction video survey that will establish what conditions were like before mobilization.

Then, when you’ve finished your job, we’ll return to shoot a post-construction video, documenting how you left the roads. With the video to defend you, you can’t be blamed for potholes that appear after you’re gone. Good-bye, litigation.

Sidewalk cracks and broken culverts are all over the place on most construction sites before work even begins. That stuff shouldn’t be your problem. But it can easily become your problem if people claim your company did it. What then? How will you prove that the damage was already there?

Though pre-construction video documentation of the job site is increasingly required by project specifications, many companies are now making the small investment in pre-construction video standard procedure, since having a record of preexisting damage can instantly settle most property damage disputes. Why risk being blamed for property damage you didn’t cause? Paying for a pre-construction video is well worth it to avoid paying to fix cracked roads and driveways– not to mention the hours of haggling and phone calls.

Other Services
Besides pre-construction video, Construction Video Services offers several other services including:

  • Job Progress Video
  • Process Video
  • Corporate Presentation Video

Job Progress Video

Construction Video Services can document the construction crew’s progress at any time during the job. If you are a project owner with too many job sites to keep track of, periodic progress videos can keep you up-to-date and able to manage your responsibilities effectively. Or maybe you’re a contractor who needs to demonstrate your progress to get a draw. A job progress video is your solution.

Process Video
Maybe you need to document a particular task in order to demonstrate to a client that something has been properly installed, or for use in training others in the future. Construction Video Services is equipped to professionally produce such videos. We can work with your company to produce a simple video of a task or procedure, or we can produce a more thorough presentation.

Corporate Presentation Video
Whether you just need some stock footage of your company at work on a jobsite or you need a Corporate Presentation Video, Construction Video Services has the resources necessary to meet those needs. From Scripting to Production to Duplication, Construction Video Services is your cost-effective video production resource.

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