Why would I want a pre-construction video?

Sometimes contract specifications require pre-construction video or photographic documentation of jobsite conditions before construction begins. However, companies sometimes voluntarily commision a pre-construction video just to avoid disputes after the construction is complete. One benefit of doing this is having a clear record of any pre-existing damage so that your company is not erroneously held liable. Another benefit is that the video provides a helpful reference when you know that site restoration will be required. A video documents exactly what was there, what was not and what it looked like. In short, a construction video can answer most questions and end most disputes regarding pre-construction jobsite conditions. It can literally be worth its weight in gold.

How much does a pre-construction video cost?

The cost of a pre-construction video varies based on the scope of the job, and every job is different. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We can usually give a quote in 24 hours once the project scope has been defined.

Do you have standard unit prices?

No. We have found that site conditions can vary too much for one unit price to cover all possibilities. For instance, it may take just as long to walk and video-record a ten mile shoulder area on a rural road as it does to document on video a one mile stretch of road in a residential area, with 100 driveways on both sides of the street. Every job is different and it is difficult to establish a standard unit price for what we do. Therefore we prefer to evaluate, either onsite or off a blueprint, the area we will be documenting, and then provide a unit price or lump sum proposal.

What is included in the purchase price?

Typically we will supply you with three copies of the DVD set of the pre-construction video documentation, but delivery on BlueRay Disc or other media is also an option. DVDs are typically narrated with visual reference to the blueprint and the area being video-recorded. We will create a menu screen with the job information and date that will appear at the beginning of the video. On the video, we will document a site while referencing the site plans. Typically this will include noting damaged property (e.g. cracked or crumbled concrete, sink holes, damaged mailboxes or signage, etc.), standing water, landscaping, utility structures, and other natural and manmade features in the proposed work area. Lastly, we include a printed log referencing chapters on the DVDs to facilitate finding points of interest in the video footage. Note: if your job had different requirements, we can probably accommodate you.

Why should we hire you to video-record the jobsite?   Couldn’t we just send one of our foremen who owns a camcorder to the jobsite to shoot a pre-construction video?

Of course you could do that. However, you may not want to for the same reason you wouldn’t have one of your foremen who owns a pair of scissors give you a haircut. Owning a pair of scissors does not make a person a barber. Likewise, if you want the task done right, you hire a person who does it for a living. So the first reason you should hire us is experience. We produce clear pre-construction video documentation.

Why should we use Construction Video Services to produce our pre-construction video and not a competitor?

Three reasons: Price, Quality, and Service. Give us an opportunity to quote your next job. We think you will be pleasantly surprised. We’re not sure why, but we’re consistently lower than our competitors. We are also confident that you will find our quality to be superior. We shoot using state-of-the-art digital cameras with high-speed shutters and wide-angle lenses. The fast-shutter digital cameras provide you with an excellent, sharp image that can be frozen at any point for a crystal clear, blur-free image. The wide-angle lenses result in more information on the screen and a steadier picture. Clearer, steadier, and wider. Lastly, we make it our goal to be on time, every time. To date, we can honestly say we have never been late. We intend to maintain that reputation.

What region do you service?

We are based in Palm Beach, Florida but we typically travel for our jobs and we can service just about any region in North America. We have done work all over the country, Wherever you need us, we can be there.

What do you need to start a job?

We need a print, a purchase order and a clear description of what you want to include in your pre-construction video. Some companies are interested in generally capturing the conditions of vacant lots, others want every driveway and curb, still others know they will be disrupting large, landscaped flowerbeds and want to capture what it looks like so it can be restored properly at the end of a job. So, it is helpful if you can define the scope of your pre-construction video.

Do you do any other kind of video?

Yes, Construction Video Services has the resources necessary to produce a variety of different kinds of corporate videos besides pre-construction videos. Whether you need a training video, corporate presentation or a television spot, we would be glad to work with you to meet your needs in a cost effective manner.