What We Do

Construction Video Services specializes in creating pre-construction video and post-construction video documentation of the conditions of construction sites. We document streets, intersections, driveways, utility poles, trees, culverts, mailboxes, signs, barricades and other such structures. The pre-construction video of the site shows what it looks like before you have any steel on site.  The post-construction video shows how you left the site. With pre-construction video and post-construction video, all the questions are answered. No more arguing, no more phone calls, no more headaches.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of legal pre-construction video-recording and a long list of satisfied clients, Construction Video Services is the industry leader in pre-construction video and post-construction video services. Based in South Florida, our forté is documenting pre-construction and post-construction site conditions using video which can can provide a clear record for resolving post-construction arbitration over property damage.

Pre-construction videos and post-construction videos can be used in court as evidence and prevent frivolous claims. But usually just having a pre-construction video keeps the issue from going that far. Construction Video Services can help you protect all stakeholders from complicated litigation wasting time and money.

How We Do It

Construction Video Services produces professional pre-construction videos using state-of-the-art equipment so that the pre-construction videos we deliver are clear and perfect as legal evidence. Our team specializes in producing clear, organized legal pre-construction videos. The pre-construction videos created by Construction Video Services are detailed and systematic, providing a clear audio/visual description of your construction site. They are available in SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition), on disc, hard drive, or on the web. Whatever delivery mode you prefer.

Construction Video Services is an industry-leading professional operation. Below are the details on the equipment we use and the product we deliver.

The Equipment

  • We record everything using high-resolution, HD (High Definition) cameras with 3 sensor chips for maximum detail and image quality. We can deliver the video documentation in HD or SD formats.
  • We shoot video with a high shutter speed so that every frame is a crystal-clear snapshot, free of motion blur.
  • We use wide angle lenses to fit more information on the screen per pass and stabilize the image.
  • We use video stabilizers, like the GlideCam or SteadiCam, for hand-held video to produce a pre-construction video that won’t make you seasick.
  • We use vehicle-mounted cameras so we can efficiently record miles of roadways.
  • Drones,  Imagination is set free by drone technology. This technology offers not only great aerial views, it offers angles and shots very often impossible (or prohibitively expensive) to take before. Whether you’re an independent film maker, or a production company looking to add this.

The Product

  • We narrate our videos with verbal descriptions of the site conditions on both hand-held and vehicle-mounted video documentation.
  • We “burn in” a time and date stamp on all pre-construction video images and identify the project title and current content on the video image.
  • We break down all video documentation into logical chapters corresponding to a log of the pre-construction video content.
  • We deliver all pre-construction video documentation in your choice of disc, tape or streaming web video.


On Site

On Site

Miami High Rise Construction

Miami High Rise Construction


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